Bodhi Series – Folk Music of Rajasthan (Part III)

Mand is a multi dimensional, multi variant and dynamic style of music which has its origin in the folk roots of the Indian state of Rajasthan. According to scriptures, original Mand of Rajasthan has 24 different varieties, the changes depend mainly on the geographical factors. We do not have significant literature/documentation on the 24 roots of Mand style of music, yet there are some musicians of Rajasthan who have thorough knowledge on the subject. For instance, please find below a video in which the legendary musician from Rajasthan Mame Khan tries to categorise the different Mands as per the geography.

Mand’s melodic compositions and its song themes, often spoken from the woman’s position, include love, separation and sensuous union of lovers as well as songs of valour, hunting, drinking and other social festivities portraying the lives of Rajput royalties. The songs are mainly sung in local Rajasthani dialects which makes them very unique and beautiful.
Another very interesting aspect is derived from the folk roots this form later on got transformed to an Indian Classical Raaga which is now called Raaga Mand.
I’m grateful to my teacher Smt Shaoli Mukherjee who has very briefly demonstrated the classical part of the form. I Will come up with more detailed write up on this unique form of music.

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